CELS Slides: Methods and Econometrics

CELS 2007 at NYU

“Instrumental Variables”(pdf) by Bernard Black
“Difference-in-Differences Analysis”(pdf) by Daniel Rubinfeld

CELS 2008 at Cornell

“Common Errors”(pdf) by Theodore Eisenberg
“An Introduction to Hierarchical Models: Regression Models for Clustered Data”(pdf) by William Anderson
“An Introduction to Meta-Analysis: Combining Results Across Studies”(pdf) by Martin T. Wells

CELS 2009 at USC

“Interpreting Did and IV Estimates”(pdf) by Bernard Black
“Time-Series, Cross-Section Methods”(pdf) by Jonathan N. Katz
“Regression Techniques for Longitudinal Data and Data with a Large Proportion of Zeros”(pdf) by Willam Anderson, Martin T. Wells
“Casual Inference, Matching, and Regression Discontinuity”(pdf) by Jasjeet S. Sekhon

CELS 2010 at Yale

“SUTA and Its Implications for Social Science RCTs”(pdf) by Alan S. Gerber and Donald P. Green
“Choice of Regression Models”(pdf) by Martin T. Wells

CELS 2011 at Northwestern

“Bootstrap Basics”(pdf) by Jonah Gelbach
“Research Design Issues in Experimental Studies”(pdf) by Jonathan Koehler and Nick Schweitzer
“Infovis and Statistical Graphics”(pdf) by Andrew Gelman and Antony Unwin
“Introduction to Matching and Propensity Score Reweighting Estimators in Observational Studies”(pdf) by Justin McCrary
“Casual Inference and Covariate Balance with Observational Data: A Discussion and Some Examples”(pdf) by Mathew McCubbins

CELS 2012 at Stanford

“Spatial Statistics and GIS”(pdf) by Patricia Carbajales
“Bayesian Data Analysis (Part I)”(pdf) by Simon Jackman
“Bayesian Data Analysis (Part II)”(pdf) by Simon Jackman
“Bureau of Justice Statistics”(pdf) by Thomas Cohen
“Modern Trends in Data Mining”(pdf) by Trevor Hastie

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