Events of Note

2022 CELS-Asia

July 24-26, 2022
Alternate date December 12-14, 2022 TBA
Hosted by Academia Sinica
Taipei, Taiwan
More information here
Endogenous Rules, Risk & Legal Institutions Workshop

Northwestern Main and Advanced Causal Inference Workshops

August 8-12, 2022 (Main Workshop)
August 15-17, 2022 (Advanced Workshop)
Details here

2022 CELS-Europe

Date TBA
University of Oslo
Hosted by the Forum for Law and Social Science, University of Oslo
Paper submission deadline TBA


Conference on Empirical Legal Studies (CELS), University of Virginia School of Law, November 4-5, 2022

More information about 2022 CELS University of Virginia here.

2022 CELS Toronto March 18-19, 2022 is now complete. More information and the program may be found on our “CELS Conferences” page.

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