Title IX & Sexual Harassment and Assault – Response and Education (SHARE). Cornell is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and respectful learning, living, and working environment. To this end, Cornell will not tolerate sexual and related misconduct. Through Cornell University Interim Policy 6.4, on Prohibited Discrimination, Protected Status (Including Sexual) Harassment, and Bias Activity and the applicable procedures for students, staff, and faculty, the university provides means to address sexual and related misconduct, including sexual and gender-based harrassment, sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, stalking and sexual exploitaion.

We encourage every student to seek help if they or someone they know has experienced sexual misconduct. Any student with a concern or who wishes to file a report can do so by contacting the Title IX office (http://titleix.cornell.edu/)or the Cornell University Police (1-607-255-1111 https://www.cupolice.cornell.edu/).

Learn about Cornell’s procedures, reporting options, and resources, including Confidential Resources on the Title IX website. The SHARE website is a resource for support, education and advocacy.