Our Office

Private Sector

Serves students and alumni interested in careers in the private sector, including law firms and corporations.

Judicial Clerkships

Coordinates post-graduate judicial clerkship advising, programming, and resources in conjunction with the Faculty Clerkship Committee.

Public Service

Advises students and alumni interested in working in the public interest, including government entities, non-profit organizations, public defender and prosecutorial offices. 

LL.M & Graduate Legal Studies

Provides career support to all Graduate Legal Studies students. Coordinates international advising programs and the ISIP career fair for General LL.M students.

Career Programs & Recordings

You, Your Career & Cornell Law

Introduction to the Cornell Law Career Offices for 1Ls – Link to Recording

Alumni Virtual Networking Program for 1Ls

Program Tutorial

Sample Outreach and Thank You Emails

Careers Newsletter

A weekly newsletter of events, opportunities and education resources brought to you by the Cornell Law career offices

Find Us

128 Hughes Hall, 607-255-5873, cls-careers@cornell.edu
If you wish to use one of the interview rooms in the careers suite, please contact Jordan Hennessee to make a reservation.