Current Projects on International Trade Law and Its Distributional Consequences

> Roundtable, “Trade and Distribution”

In April 2022, CGEJ co-hosted a roundtable on “Trade and Distribution,” along with Georgetown’s Center for the Advancement of the Rule of Law in the Americas (CAROLA) and the Jurisprudence of Distribution (JOD) research network, that featured speakers from across government, civil society and the academy. Speakers addressed the following themes: the US and domestic trade policy; developing countries’ concerns vis-à-vis global distribution; distributional consequences within developing countries; and effects of race and gender.

> Book, “World Trade and Investment Law: A Progressive Agenda for an Inclusive Globalization”

The edited volume, “World Trade and Investment Law Reimagined: A Progressive Agenda for an Inclusive Globalization” was published in 2019 by CGEJ Director Chantal Thomas, Alvaro Santos and David Trubek. The book was published by Anthem Press for the IGLP Rethinking Global Law and Policy Series.

Book Topics, Essays and Authors:

Introduction: World Trade and Investment Law in a Time of Crisis: Distribution, Development and Social Protection. David Trubek, Alvaro Santos and Chantal Thomas

Part I: Rethinking the Political Economy of Trade: Comments on Dani Rodrik’s Straight Talk on Trade

  • Chapters 1-4: Reflections by Chantal Thomas, Kevin P. Gallagher, Gregory Shaffer, and Alvaro Santos
  • Chapter 5: Response by Dani Rodrik

Part II: Setting the Stage for a Progressive Vision: Emerging Issues in World Trade and Investment Law

Section 1: Mapping the New Context for Trade and Investment Law

  • Chapter 6: The End of Trade and Investment Law as We Know It: From Singularity to Pluralism. Poul F. Kjaer
  • Chapter 7: Heterodox Market Orders in the Global Trade System. Andrew Lang
  • Chapter 8: Embedded Neoliberalism and Its Discontents: The Uncertain Future of Trade and Investment Law. Sonia E. Rolland and David Trubek
  • Chapter 9: Rethinking the RCEP in the Third Regionalism: Paradigm Shifts in World Trade Law? Pasha L. Hsieh
  • Chapter 10: Beyond Normal Trade Law? Robert Wai

Section 2: Dealing with Major Changes in the World Economy

  • Chapter 11: Trade, Distribution and Development under Supply Chain Capitalism. Dan Danielsen
  • Chapter 12: The Global Rise and Regulation of Platform Firms and Markets. Jason Jackson
  • Chapter 13: How Should We Think about a Global Market in Legal Cannabis? Antonia Eliason and Rob Howse

Section 3: Framing a More Equitable Investment Law Regime

  • Chapter 14: Bilateral Investment Treaties: Has South Africa Chartered a New Course? D.M. Davis
  • Chapter 15: Rethinking the Right to Regulate in Investment Agreements: Reflections from the South African and Brazilian Experiences. Fabio Morosini
  • Chapter 16: Making Local Communities Visible: A Way to Prevent the Potentially Tragic Consequences of Foreign Investment? Nicolas M. Perrone

Section 4: Supporting Development

  • Chapter 17: Bargaining Over Policy Space in Trade Negotiations. Gregory Shaffer
  • Chapter 18: Trumping the IMF: Trade and Investment Treaties and the Regulation of Cross-Border Financial Flows. Kevin P. Gallagher

Section 5: Reinforcing Social Protection: Spreading the Benefits of Trade, Dealing with Losses and Exploring the Trade-Immigration Nexus

  • Chapter 19: Trade Agreements in the Twenty-First Century: Rethinking the Trade-Labor Linkage. Kerry Rittich
  • Chapter 20: The New Frontier for Labor in Trade Agreements. Alvaro Santos
  • Chapter 22: Restoring Trade’s Social Contract in the United States. Frank J. Garcia
  • Chapter 23: Migration and International Economic Asymmetry. Chantal Thomas