By making a gift for two or more years in a row, you automatically become a member of the 1865 Society for loyal donors. We celebrate your loyalty with fun, educational, and exclusive surprises. Gifts of all sizes and to any area of the university are recognized. Keep your giving streak going!

Honoring loyalty

The 1865 Society honors the legacy of loyal and consistent support. Members of the 1865 Society embody the spirit of giving established by Ezra Cornell over 150 years ago. Your support, year after year, provides financial aid to deserving students, backs research and student projects that make the world a better place, and gives back to the places you love at Cornell. As a member of the 1865 Society, we know we can count on you. Thank you!

Strength in numbers

The 1865 Society is Cornell’s largest recognition society. As a member, you join with nearly 50,000 alumni, parents, and friends to make a huge impact on Cornell. Gifts of any size add up fast, and best of all, you can support any area you love with your membership gift. Joining with other loyal donors to make a big difference is what the 1865 Society is all about.

Keep it up!

When you make a gift for two or more years in a row, you’re automatically inducted into the 1865 Society. Staying a member couldn’t be easier—just don’t break your giving streak! Make a gift each fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) to continue receiving your membership perks. Keep up the good work!

Get a sneak peek

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