October 31st, 2023

To the Cornell Law School community,

The Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) writes to you in the wake of threats of
antisemitic violence at Cornell, on campuses nationwide, and around the world.
This past
Sunday, October 29th, messages were posted to “Greek Rank,” a student discussion forum,
targeting Cornell University’s Jewish community.

These threats used crude and antisemitic language to call for horrific violence, such as the
slaughter and sexual assault of Jewish students, and directly targeted Jewish spaces on campus
such as the kosher dining hall and local synagogues.

We are very grateful for the swift response of both local law enforcement and Cornell University
in ensuring student safety. Police are on site, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has
been notified, and a suspect is now in custody.
On Monday, October 30th, NYS Governor
Kathy Hochul was joined by Cornell University President, Martha Pollack, leaders of the New
York State Police, and officers of the Cornell University Police Department to condemn the
antisemitism and provide resources to the Cornell community.

Unfortunately, this most recent threat is not an isolated incident. Over the course of the past
three weeks, students have been bombarded with an outpouring of hateful messages. Offensive
graffiti has been tagged across campus. Some Cornell faculty have made public antisemitic
statements, with one administrator calling the October 7th Hamas attacks an act of “resistance”
and a professor labeling the violence as “exhilarating” and “energizing.” These statements have
coincided with a worldwide surge of antisemitism.

Last week, Jewish demonstrators in New Orleans were physically assaulted while confronting
anti-Israel provocateurs. This past weekend, a mob swarmed an airport in Dagestan, Russia in an
attempt to attack passengers returning on a flight from Israel. This Monday, a number of Jewish
schools in Paris were evacuated due to bomb threats.

As Jewish children, we were raised with the constant reminder that rampant antisemitic violence
has always repeated itself throughout history. As Jewish children, we were told to remain
vigilant, but it is our job now to ensure “never again.” Strength and community are powerful
antidotes for hate. This is a time where we must come together as a community to stand united
and strong in the face of hatred. We urge you to stand with us and stand strong. Please see the
next page for community resources.


The JLSA Executive Board

Emma Gofnung, Co-President
Samuel Itkin
, Co-President
Garry Blum
, Vice President

Alden Tabac, Treasurer
Danielle Mimeles
, Secretary
Rena Levinson
, Social Chair

Resources for you

During this time, please save this page to easily access resources at a moment’s notice.