Our hearts break for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and the countless other victims of racism and police brutality across the United States. We stand in solidarity with the Black community (including our colleagues at the journal), which has suffered immeasurable loss from COVID-19, failing systems of healthcare, and police brutality. 

The Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy holds diversity and inclusion as essential pillars of our work, our scholarship, and the world we hope to create. This is all the more important because the United States, including its legal institutions and many of its prestigious universities, was built on the backs of enslaved Black people. We must take a stand against the police brutality and systematic oppression that continues to plague this nation. As allies and community members, it is pivotal that we use our legal knowledge and extend our compassion as best we can to support the Black community. As a public policy journal, we know that racism is undeniable and borne out in every aspect of society and law. We affirm that Black Lives Matter. Our journal is committed to working towards justice for a better academy and better world.

We prioritize voices that are not often heard in the legal academy, including the voices of Black authors and academics. We hope to uplift such work, especially if it reflects a dedication to empowering others. Because of this, we are committed to publishing pieces this summer in our online publication, The Issue Spotter, that highlight the legal implications and realities stemming from racial injustice. The Issue Spotter remains open to outside authors; if you would like to submit an article for publication, please send proposals to senioronlineeditor@jlpp.org.

If you are seeking resources or ways to help during this time, please see the provided link for a detailed document compiled by Cornell Law students Oladoyin Olanrewaju and Arielle Wisbaum. We thank them for their hard work in compiling this important information on educational resources, organizations in need of donations, and relevant legal projects.

In solidarity,

The Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy, and enumerated members:
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