The MacDonald Moot Courtroom (Room 390) is a hybrid space capable of supporting both teaching and courtroom needs. It includes integrated web conferencing (Zoom, Teams, etc.), a portable media podium, dual screen, multiple cameras, microphones, and is designed and outfitted to fully meet the digital needs of the modern 21st-century courtroom.

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Click on the VR button below for a full-screen virtual tour of this room. Hold your mouse button over the image and drag to move up and down and left and right. Press the [ESC] key to return to this page when finished.

Key Features

  • 2 projectors (can display dual sources)
  • Mics for judges, jury, witness, prosecution, defense, presenter, audience
  • 3 4K pan/tilt/zoom cameras
  • Podium with touch panel controls
  • Dynamic lighting and shades
  • Modular design for various room configurations
  • Touch panel for judge’s bench control
  • Integrated monitors for prosecution/defense tables
  • Dual 4K confidence monitors