Monday, October 9, 2023

9:00 a.m. – Day One Opening Ceremony


Weimin Zuo “An Empirical Study of Civil Procedure Reforms in China”
Haibo He “Justice from Above? Elevated Trials and Intergovernmental Delegation Dilemma in China”
I-An “Amy” Su “Killing the Oblivious: A Scientific Analysis of the Incompetent to be Executed”
Yingmao Tang “Cameras in the Courtroom: A Field Experiment in Real Trials”
Jinhua Cheng “Empirical Legal Studies Made in China: An Empirical Study on Legal Doctoral Dissertations”
Chang-Ching Lin “Gender of Judges, Political Correctness, and Sentencing for Domestic Violence in Taiwan”
Ji Li “The Law and Economics of Lawyers: Evidence from the Revolving Door in China’s Judicial System”
Zhuang Liu “The Law and Economics of Lawyers: Evidence from the Revolving Door in China’s Judicial System”
Yun-chien Chang “Large-N Comparative Law”
Weijia Rao “Judicial Independence and Citation to Foreign Cases: A Study of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal”
5:40 p.m. – Conclusion of Day One

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

9:oo a.m. – Day two of Presentations


Yen-Tu Su “Before and After Reform: A Preliminary Assessment of the Impacts of the Constitutional Court Procedure Act on the Performance of the Taiwan Constitutional Court”
Bing Shui: “Bird in a Cage? Text Mining the Constitutional Performance in China’s Civil Lawsuits”
Wenming Xu: “The Law and Finance of Private Securities Litigation Against Informational Misconducts in China”
Kai-Ping Chang: “The Price of Peace: Analyzing Settlement Amounts in Delaware’s Fiduciary Duty Litigations”
Seih-Chuen Huang: “Examining “Inequality” in Custody Cases of Transnational and Non Transnational Marriage in Taiwan”
Shao-Man Lee: “Public Officials and Health Agenda Politicization: Taiwan’s COVID-19 Experience”
Lauren Yu-Hsin Lin: “Unlocking Value in State-Owned Enterprises: Empirical Insights into Strategic Investor Participation in Chinese Reforms”
Keng-Wei Fan: “Cultural Convergence” and Shaping “Indigeneity” in Taiwan’s Criminal Court System: An Empirical Perspective”
Han-Wei Ho: “Equity Factors in Drug Trafficking Sentencing in Taiwan”

5:40 p.m. End of Presentations and Closing Ceremony


Yun-chien Chang, Jack G. Clarke Professor in East Asian Law

Chao-Yo Cheng, Lecturer in Quantitative Social Research at Birkbeck, University of London

Dawne Chutkow, Visiting Professor of Law and Executive Editor of the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies

Valarie Hans, Charles F. Rechlin Professor of Law

Michael Heise, William G. McRoberts Professor in the Empirical

Benjamin Liebman, Robert L. Lieff Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

Stewart Schwab, Jonathan and Ruby Zhu Professor of Law

Jed Stiglitz, Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Martin Wells, Charles A. Alexander Professor of Statistical Sciences & Elected Member of the Law Faculty

Eleanor Wilking, Assistant Professor of Law & Gearns-Russo Family Faculty Fellow

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