Albert E. Arent A.B. ’32 LL.B. ’35 – Arent Fox LLP Public Interest Fellowship
Established in 2007 by the partnership of Arent Fox LLP, this fund honors founding partner Albert Arent, Esq., and his commitment to public-interest legal work by providing financial assistance to Cornell Law students who work in unpaid public-sector summer jobs. Preference is given to students who have expressed an interest in concentrating on the civil rights aspect of public interest law.

Charles and Brenda Eddy Dean’s Discretionary Fund for Public Interest Law
Charles Eddy J.D. 1970 established his fund in 2011 to provide unrestricted support for the Public Interest Law Program, with preference given to the Public Interest Low-Income Protection Plan (PILIPP). PILIPP grants help alumni practicing law in the public sector repay their student loans.

Sarah Betsy Fuller Social Justice Fund
Established in 2004 in memory of Sarah Betsy Fuller by her family and friends. The fund provides a grant in the Public Interest Low-Income Protection Plan each year. It is administered by the Assistant Dean for Public Service in cooperation with the Financial Aid Office. Candidates apply for this grant, and the recipient’s public-interest legal work must reflect the ideals of social justice that Sarah Betsy Fuller exemplified throughout her life.

Mehri & Skalet, PLLC, Public Interest Law Fellowship
Cyrus Mehri J.D. 1988 established this fund in 2008 to provide Public Interest Fellowships to Cornell Law students working in unpaid public-sector legal internships during the summers of their 1L and 2L years.

Leo Nevas Human Rights Fund
Leo Nevas J.D. 1936 established this fund, to be used at the discretion and under the supervision of the Allan R. Tessler Dean, to support programs at Cornell Law School that focus on human rights.

Harold Oaklander Public Interest Fellowship to Advance Justice and Public Policy against Persistent Unemployment
Dr. Harold Oaklander B.S. 1952 established this fellowship in 2013 to achieve the end stated in its name. The Oaklander Public Interest Fellowship provides a cost-of-living stipend in the form of a Public Interest Fellowship (PIF) grant to as many as six Cornell Law students every year. To receive an Oaklander PIF, a student must secure an internship that involves attorney representation of low-income persons faced with legal issues related to unemployment, such as unfair denial of unemployment insurance benefits, discriminatory layoff, and hiring bias against the unemployed. Oaklander Public Interest Fellows also write a field research report on a topic related to unemployment, based on the work they do in their public-interest internship.

Frank H. T. Rhodes Public Interest Law Fellowship
Established in 2010 by The Atlantic Philanthropies in honor of the former Cornell University President for “the profound difference Frank Rhodes has made at Cornell University and The Atlantic Philanthropies by furthering scholarship and research in areas of fundamental importance to both organizations … and by ensuring that disenfranchised populations have access to legal expertise and representation.” This fund provides financial assistance to a Cornell Law School graduate whose public-interest legal work addresses one or more “issues of poverty alleviation, support for [respectively] the elderly and disadvantaged children and youth, public health, and human rights.”

Stephen C. Robinson Public Interest Low-Income Protection Endowment Fund
The Honorable Stephen C. Robinson, A.B. `81, J.D. `84, established this endowment to provide annual funding for the Public Interest Low-Income Protection Plan, a program that helps to underwrite educational loan repayment by Cornell Law alumni who work in the public sector.

Alfred, Nicolle, and Frederique Rossum Fund
Established by a bequest of Alfred M. Rossum, J.D. 1953, the Rossum Fund provides annual support to the Law School’s Public Interest Low-Income Protection Plan, thereby delivering cost-of-living grants to graduates of Cornell Law School who are working in the non-profit legal sector and repaying student loans.

Frederic and Susan Rubinstein Fund for the Public Interest Low-Income Protection Plan
Frederic A. Rubinstein, A.B. 1953, J.D. 1955, and his wife Susan Rubinstein established this fund in 2018 in memory of Steffa and Samuel Rubinstein, Frederic’s parents. This fund provides annual grants to graduates of Cornell Law who are practicing law for public-sector, government, and/or non-profit employers, and also repaying educational loans.

Sarah E. Russo Public Interest Law Fellowship
Established in 2013 by gifts from Mary Gail Gearns, J.D. 1985, and David L. Russo, A.B. 1982, J.D. 1985, in honor of their daughter, Sarah E. Russo, B.A. 2015. The fund supports Public Interest Fellowships at Cornell Law School.

Carl P. and Dona M. Wolfram Public Interest Fellowship
Established in 1994 by gifts from Professor Charles W. Wolfram in honor of his parents Carl P. and Dona M. Wolfram. The fund supports Public Interest Fellowships at Cornell Law School–essential resources that enable current Cornell Law students to work in unpaid, public-sector law jobs during the summer.