Cornell Law School Reunion Weekend
June 10-12, 2021!

Virtual Reunion 2021 was a great success! If you missed it, we are delighted to share the links to the recorded programs below.

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Virtual Reunion 2021 – Recorded Programming

Sharice’s Big Voice
Co-Sponsored by Cornell Law School Mary Kennedy Brown Society & Cornell Law School Native American Lawyers Alumni Network
Sharice Davids, JD ’10, was elected in 2018 to the U.S. House of Representatives as the Representative for Kansas’s 3rd Congressional district. She is one of the first two Native American women elected to Congress; the first openly LGBT Native American Elected to Congress; the first openly LGBT person elected to Congress from Kansas; and now she is the author of a children’s book Sharice’s Big Voice! This picture book autobiography tells the triumphant story of Sharice Davids.
When Sharice Davids was young, she never thought she’d be in Congress. And she never thought she’d be one of the first Native American women in Congress. During her campaign, she heard from a lot of doubters. They said she couldn’t win because of how she looked, who she loved, and where she came from. But here’s the thing: Everyone’s path looks different and everyone’s path has obstacles. And this is the remarkable story of Sharice Davids’ path to Congress.

The Ethics of Using AI Tools in Law Practice – CLE Program
Lawyers have long used technology in the practice of law.  As legal tech grows increasingly sophisticated, it often employs artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.  The use of AI-enabled tech in law practice raises a number of ethical issues, some of which are natural extensions of existing doctrines, and some of which are completely novel.  Dr. Christian Mammen, JD ’93, a partner at Womble Bond Dickinson, will provide a lively and engaging discussion of key issues.
Moderator: Geoff Young, JD ’06, Partner, Reed Smith

Racial Injustice on Campus: Then VS Now
The events on Cornell’s campus in the spring of 1969, when members of the Afro-American Society occupied Willard Straight Hall to protest the racism on Cornell’s campus, its judicial system and its slow progress in establishing a Black student program, prompted decades of social, cultural and political change on campuses across the country.  Then, Cornell Law student Rudolph “Barry” Loncke, the only Black student in the Class of 1970, took a lead role in negotiations between the students held up in Willard Straight Hall and Cornell’s administration.  Join retired Judge Barry Loncke, JD ’70, Thomas Jones, AB ’69, MRP ’72, Senior Partner and Founder of TWJ Capital LLC, and Carlton Williams, Adjunct Professor of Law, Movement Lawyering Practicum, Cornell Law School, as they discuss what unfolded during the take-over, details of the negotiations and how Cornell Law School is positioned today to address racial issues through its clinics and legal training. Presenters:
Barry Loncke, JD ’70, Retired Judge, Sacramento Superior Court, Sacramento, CA
Thomas Jones, AB ’69, MRP ’72, Senior Partner and Founder of TWJ Capital LLC
Carlton Williams, Adjunct Professor of Law, Movement Lawyering Practicum, Cornell Law School
Moderator: Thomas Heiden, JD ’71, Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP

The View from Myron Taylor Hall
The view from Myron Taylor Hall remains clear and constant to its mission “Our aim is to keep its instruction strong, its standard high, and so to produce … a fair number of well-trained, large-minded, morally based lawyers in the best sense,” articulated by Cornell President Andrew Dickson White in 1887. The school has proven success in being flexible – adapting to new leadership and the evolving needs of its faculty, students, and the practice of law.  Join us for a look at its leadership and priorities as the school advances into a new era of legal education. Cornell Law School Senior Leadership Presenters:
John DeRosa, Associate Dean, Career Services
Monica Ingram, Associate Dean, Admissions and Financial Aid
Markeisha Miner, Dean of Students
Odette Lienau, Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Intellectual Life & Professor of Law

Where Are Law’s Emeriti Faculty?
Ask Law alumni about the greatest influence of their law school days and most will name a member of the faculty.  The memories are often fond – yet sometimes recall anxiety, even dread.  And yet, looking back with gratitude, many alumni wonder, “What ever happened to Professor So-and-So?” or “I wonder what Professor So-and-So is doing today?”
Well, folks, we have tracked down a few of your all-time favorite, longest-serving Law School professors!  And they are coming back to share some of their most memorable classroom stories – one or two of which might feature an appearance by you!  Featured Faculty:
Jack Barceló (1969-2020)
Faust Rossi, JD ’60 (1966-2013)
Robert Hillman, JD ’72 (1982-2020)
Peter Martin, AB ’61 (1972-2009)
Greg Alexander (1985-2019)
Moderator: Chantal Thomas, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Radice Family Professor of Law

Second Act: Reimagining Your Career
Grab your coffee and join our panel of alumni for a discussion on how they leveraged their legal education and experiences in stepping into a new career.  What motivated them to take that leap of faith? What strategies did they employ to navigate their “second act?”  What advice or warnings can be gleaned from their experiences? 
Find the confidence and reassurance in reimagining your career through your fellow alumni who have started their second, third (maybe even fourth?) act. Meet Our Panel
Suwha Hong, JD ’01 – Entrepreneur: Fashion and Consumer Goods
Abel Montez, JD ’91 – Director of Student Affairs, Fordham University Law School. 
Irika Sargent, JD ’06 – News Anchor 5, 6 & 10p.m., CBS 2 Chicago
Moderator: Jason Beekman, AB ’08, JD ’11, Head of Legal, RadicalMedia

Bonus Features

Virtual Tours of Cornell Law School and Cornell Tech Campus in NYC
Haven’t been back to campus in a while? Never been to Cornell’s New York Tech Campus? No problem – we’ve got you covered. Click on the link below, sit back and watch Cornell Law School (Ithaca) and the Tech Campus (NYC) unfold before your eyes. You will be amazed at the changes that have occurred since your graduation. In fact, watching these tours will make you yearn to return, and walk through the halls once again in nostalgic bliss.
Cornell Law School Virtual Tour
Cornell University Tech Campus NYC Tour

A Collection from the Cornell Law School Library:
The Scottsboro Trials Collection
Have you ever wondered why we have a model train in our collection?  Hear about the Scottsboro Boys, the CLS alumnus who represented them, and this landmark series of cases seeking justice. 

Hiding in Plain Sight: The League of Nations Collection
Did you know that the Law Library holds a practically complete set of League of Nations publications? Hear about the history and rediscovery of this historic collection.

Cornell Law Library in the Time of COVID-19
Can the Law Library still serve our community during a pandemic?  Yes!  Join us for a brief tour where we look at socially distanced seating, contactless pickup, taped off bookshelves, and remote reference services.