Reunion Weekend June 6-8, 2019

Reunion 2019 was amazing. The weather in Ithaca was sunny and 78 degrees – perfect for the 500 plus alumni and guests who participated in the festivities. Thank you to all the alumni who came back to campus and to all those who served on their Reunion Class Committees! We could not have done it without you.

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If you missed reunion, we are delighted to share the links to the recorded programming.

“Immigration in the Time of Trump: Caravans, “Crises”, and Citizenship Concerns”


Immigration is at the forefront of U.S. law and policy. President Donald Trump is using his executive prerogative in a variety of ways to restrict immigration, including attempts to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, make it harder to apply for asylum and easier to deport undocumented immigrants, separate children from parents, limit legal protections for abused youth, ban Muslims, and eliminate birthright Citizenship. The Trump administration is making it harder for employers to legally hire foreign nationals, for U.S. citizens to sponsor family members for green cards, for immigrants to assert their legal rights in the workplace and in the courts, and for refugees to settle in the United States. Immigration advocates are challenging these actions through litigation and other creative means. Join Cornell Law School Professors Jaclyn Kelley-Widmer, Beth Lyon, Estelle McKee, and Stephen Yale-Loehr, along with Jordan Calazan Manalastas, JD ’15 Staff Attorney, Farmworker Legal Assistance Clinic – part of Cornell Law School’s expert team on immigration – as they analyze the legal and daily-life implications of immigration changes under the Trump administration and what Cornell Law faculty, students, and alumni are doing in response.

“Litigation Analytics: Comparing and Contrasting What is on Bloomberg, Lexis, and Westlaw, and Insight-Need Frameworks to Make Sense of it All”


Litigation analytics are being championed for their ability to assist attorneys in making client pitches and data-driven decisions as to litigation strategy. This CLE will explore the results of some benchmarks chosen by the presenter to evaluate the extent of the data available on each platform. Furthermore, this CLE will explore and compare the available offerings contextualized by the insight-needs capable of being answered by each vendor. For instance: What companies does a firm/partner represent? What practice areas does a firm/partner handle? What are the properties of the judges in a chosen jurisdiction? As to a particular issue, which judge do you want to most appear in front of, and why? As to a particular motion, what are your chances and what do you recommend to your client/partner? What cases does your particular judge most rely upon as to a particular motion? What are several successful motions in the docket to emulate as to your particular issue? How long will a particular case in front of a particular judge usually take?

Presented by Peter A. Hook, Head of Digital and Scholarly Resources, LawArXiv Administrator, Adjunct Professor of Law, Cornell Law Library.

The “Trump Whisperer”: Judicial Philosophy and Advising U.S. Presidents


Join Emmy Award Winning Ari N. Melber, JD ’09, Host of MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber,” MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent & NBC News Legal Analyst and Leonard Leo, AB ’87, JD ’89, Executive Vice President of the Federalist Society, referred to as “a Trump Whisperer” by Politico Magazine, for a revealing conversation on the selection of federal judges, and judicial philosophy. Leo, having advised on the appointment of dozens of life-tenure judges (four of whom are currently sitting on the Supreme Court) shares some of his whispered thoughts.