Degree Requirements

General Requirements

Candidates for the General Master of Laws degree must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 20 credits of work over two semesters of full-time study. All LL.M. students are required to enroll in the
Introduction to the American Legal System course. Beyond this one required course, students may
choose courses from the Law School’s extensive curriculum, including most first-year and upper-level courses, or take courses in other divisions of the university with approval from the Assistant Dean for Graduate Legal Studies.
LL.M. students may take no more than six (6) credits outside of regularly scheduled law school classes without approval from the Assistant Dean. These six credits include externships, directed readings, supervised writings, and courses taught in other university divisions. Students may register for up to 15 credits and no less than 10 credits per semester or seek approval from the Assistant Dean for Graduate Legal Studies.

Writing Requirement

LL.M. students must satisfactorily complete one 3-credit seminar with a substantial writing component that satisfies the writing requirement or take Principles of American Legal Writing. The course cannot be taken S/U.

Additional New York Requirements

Those planning to sit for the New York Bar exam must complete 24 credits of classroom coursework, which must include a professional responsibility course, a legal research course, and foundational subjects covered by the New York Bar Exam.