FALL 1999


Antitrust Enforcement in High Tech Industries
Stephen D. Houck


U.S. v. Microsoft: Cui Bono?
George Bittlingmayer

Microsoft’s Internet Exploration: Predatory or Competitive?

Thomas W. Hazlett

Antitrust Enforcement in the Clinton Administration

David A. Balto

Symposium on Antitrust and Intellectual Property: Federal Antitrust Agencies and Public Policy Toward Antitrust and Intellectual Property
B. Zorina Khan

Copyright Protection of Operating Software, Copyright Misuse, and Antitrust
Dennis S. Karjala

Unilateral Refusals to Sell or License Intellectual Property and the Antitrust Duty to Deal
Marina Lao

Should We Kill the Dinosaurs or Will They Die of Natural Causes?
Peter Brown and Lauren McCollester

The Shifting Sands of Antitrust Policy: Where it has Been, Where it is Now, Where it Will be in its Third Century
Robert A. Skitol