FALL 1998


Protecting Endangered Species Without Regulating Private Landowners: The Case of Endangered Plants
Jeffrey J. Rachlinski

The Endangered Species Act and Private Property: A Matter of Timing and Location
J.B. Ruhl

“Facts Are Stubborn Things”: An Empirical Reality Check in the Theoretical Debate Over the Race-to-the-Bottom in State Environmental Standard-Setting
Kristin H. Engel, Scott R. Saleska

Can the Common Law Survive in the Modern Statutory Environment?
H. Marlow Green

Free Market Environmentalism: Hindsight and Foresight
Terry L. Anderson, Donald R. Leal


Revisiting De Jure Educational Segregation: Legal Barriers to School Attendance for Children with Special Health Care Needs
Alison Nodvin Barkoff

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