Conference:  Socially-Assisted Dying:  Media, Money & Meaning

Introduction to Conference Transcript
Leigh B. Bienen, Kristi Kirschner, and Peter David Blanck

Conference Transcript

Bibliography on Physician-Assisted Suicide


Institutional Analysis and Physicians’ Rights after Vacco v. Quill
Larry I. Palmer

Dignity and Autonomy after Washington v. Glucksberg:  An Essay About Abortion, Death, and Crime
Lois Shepherd


Compulsory Royalty-Free Licensing as an Antitrust Remedy for Patent Fraud:  Law, Policy and the Patent-Antitrust Interface Revisted
Lawrence Schlam

Child Support Obligations of Incarcerated Parents
Karen Rothschild Cavanaugh and Daniel Pollack

Reflections on the Role of Nonprofit Associations in a Representative Democracy

Barbara K. Bucholtz


The Status of the Duty to Update
Jeffrey A. Brill