FALL 1997

Symposium:  Juries:  Abriters or Arbitrary?  Redefining the Role of the Jury

Introduction – Juries:  Arbiters or Arbitrary?
Jefferey J. Rachlinski

Comments on Jury Nullification
Judge John W. Bissell

The Myth of Black Juror Nullification:  Racism Dressed up in Jurisprudential Clothing
Elissa Krauss and Martha Schulman

Realistic Responses to the Limitations of Batson v. Kentucky
Shari Seidman Diamond, Leslie Ellis, and Elisabeth Schmidt

The Expert Witness and Jury Comprehension:  An Expert’s Perspective
James S. Schutz, M.D.


Assessing Medical Malpractice Jury Verdicts:  A Case Study of an Anesthesiology Department
Bryan A. Liang


Inkblot Jurisprudence:  Romer v. Evans as a Great Defeat for the Gay Rights Movement
Mark E. Papadopoulos