MAY 19–20, 2019

Progressive Property Conference
May 19-20, 2019


Liberalism and the Commons
Hanoch Dagan

Much Obliged: Moral Psychology and the Social Obligation of Property
Nester M. Davidson

Easements, Servitudes and Human Flourishing Theory
Andrea Loux Jarman

It’s Not Personal: Social Obligations in the Office of Ownership
Larissa Katz

Past and Present: The Dialectics of Property
Shelly Kreiczer-Levy

Community Land Trusts: Institutionalizing the Human Flourishing Theory of Property
John A. Lovett

Data and the Social Obligation Norm of Property
Christopher K. Odinet

The Community in the Planned Community
Nadav Shoked

Public Accommodations & Human Flourishing: Sexual Orientation & Religious Liberty
Joseph William Singer

The Holy Grail of Progressive Property
Laura S. Underkuffler

Commodity & Propriety in Contemporary New York City
Katrina M. Wyman