Fostering Informed Choice: Alleviating the Trauma of Genetic Abortions
Bret D. Asbury

Taming the Military’s Post-Trial Leviathan:  Reforms that Could Save the Military Up to $170 Million Each Year
Major Ryan A. Little

Bridgefunding: Crowdfunding and the Market for Entrepreneurial Finance
Seth C. Oranburg

Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind: Executive Branch Enforcement of Congressional Investigations
Michael D. Bopp, Gustav W. Eyler & Scott M. Richardson


A Duty to Protect: Why Gun-Free Zones Create a Special Relationship Between the Government and Victims of School Shootings
Carl L. Rizzi

Does Matter of A-R-C-G- Matter that Much?: Why Domestic Violence Victims Seeking Asylum Need Better Protection
Carolyn M. Wald

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