FALL 2013


Congressional Disclosure of Time Spent Fundraising
Robert Brent Ferguson

Mandated Mediocrity: Modernizing Education Law by Reducing Mandates and Increasing Professional Discretion
Shavar Jeffries

Economic Theory Lost in Translation: Will Behavioral Economics Reshape the Compelled Commercial Speech Doctrine?
Kyle Rozema

The Jurisdiction of the D.C. Circuit
Eric M. Fraser, David K. Kessler, Matthew J.B. Lawrence & Stephen A. Calhoun


When Standards Collide: How the Federal Death Penalty Fails the Supreme Court’s Eighth Amendment “Evolving Standards of Decency” Test When Applied to Puerto Rican Federal Capital Defendants
Cristina Quiñones-Betancourt

Large-Sized Soda Ban as an Alternative to Soda Tax
Hery Min

Deferred/Non-Prosecution Agreements: Effective Tools to Combat Corporate Crime
Michael Xiao

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