Cooperation and Division: An Empirical Analysis of Voting Similarities and Differences During the Stable Rehnquist Court Era–1994 to 2005
Mark Klock

Mitigating the Effects of an Economic Downturn on Charitable Contributions: Facing the Problem and Contemplating Solutions
Grace Soyon Lee


Women, Sustainable Development, and Food Sovereignty/Security in a Changing World

The Path from Feminist Legal Theory to Environmental Law and Policy
Cynthia Grant Bowman

Rethinking Development, Sustainability, and Gender Relations
Shelley Feldman

Measurement and Reporting: Important Elements of Gender Mainstreaming in Environmental Policies
Itzá Castañeda, Cintia Aguilar & Allison Rand

Poverty Alleviation Through Microcredit: The Impact of the Oued Sbaihya Project on the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Rural Women’s Empowerment in Tunisia
Alia Gana


Are the Courts Dividing Puerto Ricans?: How the Lack of Voting Rights and Judicial Interpretation of the Constitution Distorts Puerto Rican Identity and Creates Two Classes of Puerto Rican American Citizens
Hiram Marcos Arnaud

A Choice in Criminal Law: Victims, Defendants, and the Option of Restitution
Kelse Moen

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