Winter 2012


Documenting Death: Public Access to Government Death Records and Attendant Privacy Concerns
Jeffrey R. Boles

Cooperative Federalism and Hydraulic Fracturing: A Human Right to a Clean Environment
Elizabeth Burleson

Welcome to the Wild West: Protecting Access to Cross Border Fertility Care in the United States
Kimberly M. Mutcherson

Suburban Climate Change Efforts: Possibilities for Small and Nimble Cities Participating in State, Regional, National, and International Networks
Hari M. Osofsky


When Schools Refuse to “Say Gay”: The Constitutionality of Anti-LGBTQ “No-Promo-Homo” Public School Policies in the United States
Ashley E. McGovern

Sexual Assault Victims v. Pro Se Defendants: Does Washington’s Proposed Legislation Sufficiently Protect Both Sides?
Linda Mohammadian

Social Networking and the Fourth Amendment: Location Tracking on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare
Lisa Schmidt

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