FALL 2011


The Abortion Informed Consent Debate: More Light, Less Heat
Nadia Sawicki

Reconsidering a Parent’s ‘Apparent’ Authority in Intergenerational Co-Residence: The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Evaluating Parental Consent to Search Adult Children’s Bedrooms
Hillary Farber

The Forgotten Employee Benefit Crisis: Multiemployer Benefit Plans on the Brink
Paul Secunda

Book Panel Discussion

The Two Faces of American Freedom, by Aziz Rana

Lost Causes: Comment on Aziz Rana, The Two Faces of American Freedom
Nancy Rosenblum

Radicalism and the Modern State: A Critique of Republican Nostalgia
William E. Forbath

Comments on Aziz Rana, The Two Faces of American Freedom
Richard Bensel

The Two Faces of American Freedom: A Reply
Aziz Rana


“Unwell:” Indiana v. Edwards and the Fate of Mentally Ill Pro Se Defendants
John H. Blume & Morgan J. Clark

Capture in Financial Regulation: Can We Channel It Toward the Common Good?
Lawrence Baxter


In the Federal Government We Trust?  Federal Funding for Tribal Water Rights Settlements and the Taos Pueblo Indian Water Rights Settlement Act
Erin B. Agee

Gamestopped: Vernor v. Autodesk and the Future of Resale
Charles Lopresto

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