FALL 2009


Policing The Good Guys: Regulation Of The Charitable Sector Through A
Federal Charity Oversight Board

Terri Lynn Helge

Beyond the Employee Free Choice Act: Unleashing The States In
Labor-Management Relations Policy

Henry H. Drummonds

Trawling DNA Databases For Partial Matches: What Is The FBI Afraid Of?
David H. Kaye


Propensity or Stereotype?: A Misguided Evidence Experiment In Indian Country
Aviva Orenstein

Special Comment

The Military And The Law Elite
Dennis Jacobs


Kendra’s Law and the Rights of the Mentally Ill: An Empirical Peek Behind
The Courts’ Legal Analysis And A Suggested Template For The New York State Legislature’s Reconsideration for Renewal In 2010

Kathryn A. Worthington

Lessening Cumulative Burdens On The Right To Vote: A Legislative Response To Crawford v. Marion County Election Board
Neil P. Kelly

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