Change at Work: Implications for Labor Law

Keynote Address

Legal Regulation of the Changing [Employment] Contract

Katherine V.W. Stone

Dispute Resolution in the Changing Workplace

From Supreme Court to Shopfloor: Mandatory Arbitration and the Reconfiguration of Workplace Dispute Resolution
Alexander J.S. Colvin

New Types of Workers, New Problems for Law

Who Speaks for the Working Poor?: A Preliminary Look at the Emerging Tetralogy of Representation of Low-Wage Service Workers
Alan Hyde

New Forms of Employment Discrimination

Accommodation at Work: Lessons From the Americans with Disabilities Act and Possibilities for Alleviating the American Worker Time Crunch
Stephen F. Befort


A Battle on Two Fronts: A Critique of Recent Supreme Court Jurisprudence Establishing the Intent and Meaning of the Constitution’s Actual Enumeration Clause
Robert R. McCoy

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