Policy at the Intersection of Law and Politics

Keynote Address

Law vs. Public Policy: A Critical Exploration
Theodore J. Lowi

Panel One

When Inter-branch Norms Break Down: Of Arms-for-Hostages, “Orderly shutdowns,” Presidential Impeachments, and Judicial “Coups”
Peter M. Shane

Branches Behaving Badly: The Predictable and Often Desirable Consequences of the Separation of Powers
Saikrishna B. Prakash

The Politics of Miranda
Jeffrey Standen

Panel Two

How Should We Theorize Class Interests in Thinking About Professional Regulation?: The Early NAACP as a Case Example
Susan D. Carle

Race, Class, and the Regulation of the Legal Profession in the Progressive Era: The case of the 1908 Canons
Alfred L. Brophy

The Production of Pro Bono
Jeffrey Standen

Panel Three

Defending the Aristocracy: ABA Accreditation and the Filtering of Political Leaders

George B. Shepherd

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