FALL 2002


Religious Premises, Legislative Judgments, and the Establishment Clause
Scott C. Idleman

Analyzing the Text of the Equal Protection Clause: Why the Definition of “Equal” Requires a Disproportionate Impact Analysis When Laws Unequally Affect Racial Minorities
Christopher J. Schmidt

The Problem of Sports Violence and the Criminal Prosecution Solution
Jeff Yates and William Gillespie

A Systemic Assessment of Employer Equal Employment Opportunity Efforts as a Means of Reducing the Gender Earnings Gap
Mary E. Graham and Julie L. Hotchkiss

Book Review

Robert Nagel’s Bleak Vision and the “Implosion” of American Federalism
Douglas G. Smith


“Inherently Arbitrary and Capricious”: An Empirical Analysis of Variations Among State Death Penalty Statutes
Ingrid A. Holewinski

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