Children and Education: Tensions Within the Parent-Child-State Triad

Keynote Address

Speaking Truth to Power: Challenging “The Power of Parents to Control the Education of Their Own”
Barbara Bennett Woodhouse

Panel One

The First Amendment and the Socialization of Children: Compulsory Public Education and Vouchers
Steven H. Shiffrin

School Vouchers and the Constitution–Permissible, Impermissible, or Required?
Gary J. Simson

Panel Two

The Anticanonical Lesson of Huckleberry Finn
Sharon E. Rush

A Call to Affirmative Action for Fictions Heroes of Color, or How Hawkeye, Huck, and Atticus Foil the Work of Antiracism
Nancy L. Cook

Panel Three

The Courts, Educational Policy, and Unintended Consequences
Michael Heise

The Trend Towards Turning Public Education into a Gated Community
Lisa Thurau-Gray

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