Contact Information:

Document Services:

The University has the Blackboard system that is used for courses. Blackboard can also be setup for an organization. This can provide document storage, forums, email lists and a calendar of events. The benefit of using the university system would be that students are already familiar with Blackboard from their coursework and they would use their netid to sign into the system.

Email Lists:

The University can setup a list named Anyone on the Cornell Faculty or Staff can request a list from the University. Student organizations can request lists with a Faculty or Staff member as a sponsor for their list. This is usually the faculty advisor for the organization. University lists need to be renewed on a yearly basis – a reminder email is sent to the owner of the list to confirm that the list is still in use. The owner replies to the email and the list is valid for another year.  The owner of the lists will have the ability to manage the lists (add/remove addresses) via a web page interface.

Special Mailboxes and Forwarding:

The University will create special mailboxes on request. Like lists, a Faculty or Staff member needs to be a sponsor for the account. Just like lists special accounts need to be renewed on a yearly basis. For example, ILJ has a university based special account,

Student Offices:

Each office is equipped with a Net-Print Laser Printer.  A Net-Print funding source is available for each group. (If you’re not sure, please contact your administrator to arrange a funding source). RedRover wireless is available in the student office.

Web Sites:

Each organization is responsible for maintaining its Web site. The Law School provides hosting for the site and programming tools.  The site can be developed in PHP/Perl/.Net/HTML/AJAX .  Access to the site is via FTP and Dreamweaver.  An HTML editor is install on all lab computers.