1. How will on-campus housing assignments be impacted by Cornell’s re-opening plan?

There is limited on-campus housing for professional school students. For new students, housing assignments are delayed approximately one month from typical timing.

2. If I have already secured on-campus housing for the fall, but decide to remain at home, can I be released from my housing contract?

Yes. Please notify the Housing Office immediately.


1. I was planning on living off-campus with a bunch of roommates, but with Covid-19, I would feel more comfortable if I could find my own apartment. Is there anything the university can do to help me?

The Off-Campus Living Office can help you explore options. You should contact them for assistance.

2. Will the university provide any assistance with off-campus property owners regarding safety issues, the need to break leases, or other problems?

The Off-campus Living Office can assist and coach you on these matters, but Cornell does not have the ability to require landlords to accommodate your requests. We encourage you to review the terms of your lease and speak with your landlord directly.

3. Will the university provide any assistance to returning students who will not be in Ithaca and are looking to sublet for the fall semester?

The Off-campus Living Office can assist you with how to locate a subletter in Ithaca for the fall. You may want to consider subleasing to a 2020 graduate as many are seeking housing through the September bar exam and further into the fall, depending on their plans. Additionally, CLSA has put together a Google spreadsheet to connect students who would like to sublease an apartment and those who will not be returning to campus in the fall. You can view the Google spreadsheet here (you must be logged in to your Cornell email in Gmail to access the spreadsheet). You may also reach out to CLSA, who may be able to connect you with more resources.


1. Will the meal and housing plans cost less because of the limited offerings/ability to congregate? Grab and go food is far less appealing.

Each year, a small number of law students choose to purchase a university meal plan. Housing and Dining rates will be reduced for the fall semester given the modified operations. Details can be found on your Bursar bill.

2. If students don’t have a meal plan, are they allowed to travel to grocery stores?



1. When will Law School Orientation begin?

J.D. orientation will begin the week of August 17th. LL.M. orientation and the IALS course will begin on Monday, August 10th. The schedule will be circulated in late July. Law School Orientation will be entirely virtual, however, attendance is required unless a session is noted as optional and new J.D. students (1Ls and transfers) will check-in by appointment on Monday, August 24th.

2. If travel restrictions are still in place, will students be allowed to quarantine in on-campus housing? How will this impact their orientation or class involvement?

On-campus housing for professional school students is limited. Most law students live in off-campus housing. Students in off-campus housing will be allowed to quarantine in their residences. Students who elect in-person instruction should plan to arrive in Ithaca sufficiently in advance of the start of classes on August 25th to adhere to the Law School’s regular and punctual attendance policy.

3. What activities will Cornell have scheduled for students who arrive on campus 2-4 weeks before classes begin in their first year? How will you prevent them from breaking quarantine/social distancing rules when they will have so much unstructured time?

It is possible that some students will have to arrive early to self-quarantine. During this time students are expected to adhere to all guidelines in the behavioral agreement. The Law School Dean of Students Office, in partnership with Cornell’s graduate and professional schools, will offer a variety of virtual programming beginning in early August to introduce students to important resources and to help students connect with classmates and colleagues.