Whether you are studying in-person or remote, in the seats or on the screens in the classrooms, my colleagues and I are pleased to welcome you back for the Spring 2021 semester. Myron Taylor Hall shines brighter with your presence in its corridors and classrooms.

Of course, we continue to learn with and from one another as we navigate this novel public health situation. Based on the questions and comments we received, I wanted to share a few observations, reminders, and lessons learned from the first day of classes yesterday. 

In Person vs Remote: All students were given an opportunity to elect in-person or remote instruction and to change that preference through January 6. After that deadline, we planned with your preferences in mind, including assigning classroom space and developing rotation systems for hybrid instruction where necessary. If you wish to change your instruction modality preference at this point, you must petition the faculty Administrative Committee. Petitions should be in cover letter format requesting the change and explaining why it was not submitted by the deadline. Please address petitions to the committee and submit them to law.dos@cornell.edu. If your petition is approved, keep in mind that you must take all of your courses in the selected format. For example, if you elected in-person instruction, you must take all of your classes in-person that are offered in that format. Additional seats may not be available for some in-person classes given COVID-19 capacity restrictions. If you elected online instruction, a seat has not been reserved for you in the classroom and you must take all of your classes online, even if you are living in the Ithaca area.

Face Covering: You are doing a great job wearing your face coverings. Please remember that your face covering must entirely cover your nose and your mouth.

Designated Eating Spaces:  The Commons, Saperston Student Lounge, and Ground Floor Carrels have been reserved for eating spaces. Please remember to put your face covering back on as soon as you finish eating and drinking and to only remove it for the time necessary to consume your food and beverages. Please also keep a safe social distance while eating and drinking.

Name Tag and/or Law School Lanyard: Those of you in the building have likely realized that it can be difficult to recognize colleagues and classmates while we are all wearing face coverings. To help us recognize one another, please keep your Law School magnetic name tag and/or your Cornell Law School lanyard and ID card visible when in the building.

Building Access. If you’re in the Ithaca area and compliant with the University’s guidelines (including the Daily Check), you may access campus facilities, including the Law School.* The Law School is open only to members of the Law School community. To facilitate this, please enter through the doors with card access readers:

Myron Taylor Hall  

Jane Foster Hall

Hughes Hall

*If your card is not working, please check your daily check status, which will notify you of steps you need to take to regain or gain access. If your daily check status is cleared please contact facilities law.facilities@cornell.edu so that we can help you gain access.FAQs: Helpful information regarding lockers, reserve books, building access, and more is available on the Law School’s COVID-19 Updates and FAQs page. If you have other questions or suggested topics you would like to see covered in the FAQs, please contact us at law.dos@cornell.edu

Thank you for all you are doing to keep yourselves and one another safe. As my colleagues and I walked the halls yesterday, we saw you keeping a safe distance and wearing your masks while studying in open spaces and throughout the library. With your diligence, we will make it through this together.

Markeisha J. Miner, JD
Dean of Students
Cornell Law School