You are receiving this message because you elected in-person instruction or elected online instruction and are resident in the Ithaca area. I hope your first couple of days of classes have gone well. Thank you for your patience and graciousness as we worked through re-opening the building for in-person instruction. We have learned a lot over the last couple of days and wanted to share some of these observations with you.

·  Entering the Building: Student keycards were only activated to access the main entrance of Myron Taylor Hall on College Ave. and the Hughes Hall doors (near the red sculpture off of the P parking lot). Our facilities team has worked to allow access to all doors with keycard readers. For those accessing classrooms, the closest entrances are the two mentioned above, and the south breezeway door (near the foyer). Please keep physical distancing guidelines in mind and please swipe your card, even when entering with others. Be sure you arrive to the building in sufficient time to navigate the best available route to your classes. If your keycard does not work, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

·  Tent Availability: There are three tents around the Law School buildings that are open and available to you: 1) Purcell Courtyard; 2) Hughes Hall (near the red sculpture); and, 3) Hughes Hall (gorge-side). These spaces are available for you to have meals and gather in a physically distant fashion with classmates. 

·  Fork and Gavel Grab and Go: Speaking of meals, Fork and Gavel Express is available in the Law School Commons. Order in advance, grab your food or coffee, and enjoy in the courtyard or one of the tents. Open Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–2 p.m. Visit Fork and Gavel’s website for more information.

·  Online Classroom Guide: Please review and bookmark this guidance for accessing your online courses, including recordings, Zoom links, and more.

·  Sanitize Your Space: There are spray bottles and paper towels in each classroom and near study spaces. Our facilities office is working to add more spray bottles and will be adding cleaning wipes to each classroom. Please wipe down your area as you enter and exit class or study spaces.

·  Study Space: We apologize for the challenges some of you had accessing the study spaces you reserved. We have worked to address this and you have received a separate message from the library with further information.


Markeisha J. Miner, JD
Dean of Students
Cornell Law School