February 2021

Sovereign Immunity & Covid-19: China’s Immunity Under the Fsia from Federal Covid-19 Lawsuits
Ishan Shivakumar

January 2021

The Seesaw Exercise of Immunity Obligations Under International (Criminal) Law Outside the “Security Council Route”
Vedantha Sai & Winy Daigavane

November 2020

Defamation in International Law: The Legal Implications of Trump Calling COVID-19 “Chinese Virus”
Geeta Moni & Raghav Srinivas

October 2020

The Colombian Tale of Two Legal Revolutions
Santiago Garcia-Jaramillo & Daniel Currea-Moncada

Political Realities of Recognition of States Contrary to the Bindings of International Law
Kemal Gider

Protection of Foreign-Owned Entities Involved in Deep Seabed Mining—Through International Investment Law vis à vis Investment Arbitration
Swargodeep Sarkar

Water Wars and the U.N. Watercourse Convention: The Indo-Pak Story
Suchita Uppal & Zaid Wahidi